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“How Do You Have DMV Appointments For Today?”

First of all, we are not affiliated with the DMV. We are frustrated taxpayers just like you. Months ago we sat in front of our computers for hours on end, booking DMV appointments for each other at DMV Field Offices across the state. Now, we can “Exchange” one of those old DMV appointments with you today, while at the same time we’ll book a new appointment for you, that we’ll “Exchange” with someone else, in the future. We planned in advanced by confirming just a few DMV appointments from the 500+ available daily at each DMV office. Because of our “Exchange,” you can have a same day appointment to save yourself hours of waiting.

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“How Can I Use Your DMV Appointments?”

Simply put, we are giving you our place in line in “Exchange” for your place in the back of the line. Imagine, we woke up before sunrise on Black Friday and camped outside the superstore for 3 hours, then you came along in the morning, just before the store opened and we “Exchanged” our spot in the front of the line with you. We just saved you from 3 hours of waiting. Later when we are near the front of the line again, we can “Exchange” your old spot in line with someone else who just got in the back of the line. That will save them waiting time, just as we saved you from waiting in the long line. 

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“How Will The DMV Know It Is My Appointment Now?”

We will send you a text message via MMS/SMS, as well as an Email, with the unique confirmation phone number and the appointment details to authenticate your confirmed appointment. You will know the appointment time and date, the appointment name and unique phone number. You will have all information in the DMV system.

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“I Am Standing In Line. Where Do I Go From Here?”

That is the best part about DMV FASTPASS, it is just like the amusement park “Fast Passes”. After you get our confirmation text, walk past the long line to the “Appointments Only” window, tell the DMV Staff your “Appointment Time” and they will give you a “Now Serving” number, saving you from extra hours of waiting.


“There Are No Appointment Times Available For The Time I’m Going To Be At The DMV. What Now?”

We may have SOLD OUT of DMV FASTPASS Appointments.  As you can guess, we are getting popular rather quickly. Our convenient service is in high demand. Choose the DMV FASTPASS time that is closest to the time you are at the DMV, even if it is not the exact time. We may be SOLD OUT because, in consideration of the DMV system, we do not make too many appointments for each day. However, even if we are SOLD OUT and you do not see any appointment times available, there is a “Secret DMV Loop-Hole” that may help you move to the front of that long line, anyway.

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Somewhat Secret DMV Appointment Loop-Hole

DMV Office Staff are trained to accommodate customers with appointments. Even if you arrive earlier or later than your scheduled appointment, they will give you priority over Non-Appointment customers. They will always try to “fit you in”, based on the other appointments present.

Take advantage of this when all upcoming DMV FASTPASS Appointments are SOLD OUT or there are no available times. Get a discounted “Secret Loop-Hole Appointment” and head for the “Appointments Only” Window. You may not BE NEXT, but you may be in front of all those Non-Appointment customers waiting in line.

To use a “Secret Loop-Hole Appointment,” approach the “Appointments Only” Window. Tell the DMV Staff that you have an appointment TODAY, but you are late. Tell them your appointment time and ask them if they can”fit you in.” They are trained to do exactly that. They should “fit you in” amongst the other appointments, as time permits.

We offer you this service at a discount because we cannot guarantee that you will Be Next, but you will save time by being in front of the Non-Appointment Line. Your success may be based on your cordial interaction with the DMV Staff.

SECRET LOOP-HOLE appointment

DMV FASTPASS Moves You To The Front Of The Line

OMG! That DMV line is so long that it wraps around the outside of the building. Who has time to wait in a line that long? The average wait time for DMV service is 2 to 3 hours. However, the majority of that wait is just to get a number in the “Non-Appointment Start Here” line. DMV FASTPASS moves you out of the waiting line and up to the front, at the “Appointments Only” window.

Chances are you are standing in the DMV line right now while you read this on your smartphone. People with appointments do not stand in that long line. They are treated with priority by the DMV Staff. They do not wait long. They walk straight up to the “Appointments Only” window. They get service in a matter of minutes. Did you know that the appointment numbers are called before the non-appointment numbers on the “Now Serving” TV monitors?

You can always make an appointment for free on the DMV’s official web portal. Unfortunately, that appointment will most likely be for sometime next month. On the other hand, would you like a DMV appointment for sometime today? Then you need a DMV FASTPASS.



"DMV FASTPASS, It's Genius!"

Thousand Oaks DMV Customer

"Oooooh nice nice. I like it, you're basically paying for an appointment same day."

San Francisco DMV Customer

“I am sorry to tell you, the average wait here at the DMV today is 5 hours, Sir.”

DMV Supervisor

“What do you mean I have to go outside to stand in that line, it wraps around block?”

Van Nuys DMV Customer

“The wait times you are experiencing are not what we ever want our customers to go through. We want to do better and we will do better. Our customers deserve it.”

DMV Director Jean Shiomoto

“The DMV — often maligned as the epitome of government bureaucracy — has come under increasing scrutiny in recent months, after wait times swelled to four to six hours in high-volume locations.”

Los Angeles Times




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We Are Not Affiliated With The DMV. Yet, We Happily Serve All 178 DVM Field Offices, Including The Secret DMV Office Near The California Capitol That Only Serves Lawmakers & Their Staff - Without A Wait.


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Your choice to offer us our convenience fee is in consideration of the time and planning we demonstrated by making the appointment you did not have the time to make in advance. Appointments are not for sale. DMVFASTPASS is a service we provide, for your convenience. Remember, we are not affiliated with any Government Agency.

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