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DMV News 23,000 Voter Errors

DMV News: 23,000 Californians have been registered to vote incorrectly by the state Department of Motor Vehicles, including some who were…

This Magical DMV Serves Cupcakes…

Raise your hand if you’ve ever had a horrendous DMV experience. Well, the customers at the Holly Springs DMV in North Carolina certainly can’t relate.

When they walk in to their local DMV, rather than being told to take a number and forced to wait for hours in a dimly lit depressing lobby only to find out you don’t have the proper paperwork needed, they’re instead greeted with freshly baked cupcakes, made-to-order fruit smoothies, a self check-in iPad, adorable cottage-style furniture, a kids’ play area, smiling employees and rays of sunshine opening up from the heavens.


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